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Peer-reviewed journal Cardiovascular Pathology published positive one-year in-vivo data on Xeltis’ RestoreX™ technology platform in its latest issue.

According to the paper, preclinical results of RestoreX™ pulmonary graft confirmed the potential of Xeltis’ restorative cardiovascular approach. The study showed that Endogenous Tissue Restoration leads to progressive and substantial replacement of the Xeltis device by functional tissue one year after implantation.

“We are always proud of peer-reviewed recognition of our research findings and of the potential of our RestoreX™”

explained Xeltis CTO and Co-founder Martijn Cox, who is one of the paper’s authors along with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School professor, Fredrick J Schoen.

Cardiovascular Pathology is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology.

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