Cardiovascular Therapy

Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company
pioneering a restorative approach
in cardiovascular therapy.

Xeltis’ devices enable the patient’s own body
to naturally restore a new blood vessel or heart valve
through a therapeutic approach
called Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR).


Endogenous Tissue Restoration

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With ETR, the patient’s natural healing system develops tissue that pervades Xeltis’ device, forming a new, natural and fully functional blood vessel or heart valve within it.

As ETR occurs, Xeltis implants are gradually absorbed by the body.

ETR is enabled by the porous structure of Xeltis’ devices, which are made of bioabsorbable polymers, based on Nobel-prize awarded science.

Key Benefits


Xeltis’ restorative devices may help overcome the limitations of current artificial blood vessels or heart valves.


Xeltis cardiovascular devices may help reduce the need for repeated replacement procedures,  invasive vessel harvesting and long-term medication with their potentially severe side effects.


Xeltis devices may help improve quality of life for patients who need blood vessel and heart valve replacement.


Xeltis cardiovascular therapy may help reduce the overall cost of blood vessel and heart valve disease treatment.


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Nobel Prize Awarded Science

Xeltis’ cardiovascular implants are made of bioabsorbable polymers based on Nobel Prize awarded science
of supramolecular chemistry by Jean-Marie Lehn
– Xeltis Scientific Advisor.