At Xeltis, we recognize that
people make a difference

We are a young, dynamic, international team of 30 professionals dedicated to improving patients’ lives through innovation.

We at Xeltis


Xeltis wants to make life better for patients who need blood vessel or heart valve replacement. At Xeltis, we are transforming cardiovascular therapy – making the seemingly impossible happen.

We enable the patient’s own body to naturally restore new, living blood vessels or heart valves through a therapeutic approach called Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR).

We aim to overcome the limitations of current options to improve the lives of millions of patients requiring blood vessel or heart valve replacement, while reducing overall healthcare systems costs.

We are striving to bring our restorative approach in cardiovascular therapy to clinicians and patients around the world. We are truly motivated by helping patients who need a new blood vessel or heart valve to live a better life, soon.