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Xeltis has been selected with three other Swiss companies to illustrate how medtech innovation can pave new ways to improve patients’ lives at the Spirit of Bern conference on 27th February.

The Xeltis technology enables patients that need cardiovascular replacement to develop new living heart valves or blood vessels made from their own tissue.

At its fifth edition, the Spirit of Bern offers a unique platform in Switzerland to bring thought leaders from business, science and politics into a dialogue. In 2020, the balance between innovation and patient safety in medicine will be at the center of the discussion.

Professor Thierry Carrel, Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at University Hospital Bern, and Xeltis CEO Eliane Schutte will join forces to showcase the potential benefits and actual achievements of medtech innovation such as Xeltis’ cardiovascular restoration for patients.

“Recent clinical trial results in 18 children implanted with Xeltis restorative pulmonary valve and additional data from preclinical trials of small diameter grafts for coronary artery bypass (CABG) suggest natural cardiovascular restoration is a promising and vital innovation,”

stated Professor Carrel, explaining the reason for Xeltis’ selection.

“This technology has potential to change the way we may treat patients that need new heart valves or small diameter vascular grafts in the future,”

he added.

To date, Xeltis technology has been implanted in 28 patients. Some of these patients have been living with the implant for over five years now. The company recently announced that it will progress its pulmonary valve clinical trial program towards market approval.