Preclinical data on Xeltis’ restorative heart valves will illustrate supramolecular materials’ potential application in clinical practice at the Society for Biomaterials annual meeting on Thursday 4 April.

Xeltis CTO Martijn Cox will present 2-year preclinical data outlining the capability of Xeltis technology to restore heart valves and blood vessels through Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR). Cox’s speech at session ‘From Bench-to-Bedside: Translating Biomaterials Research’ is scheduled for 11:15am PT in room Yakima 1.

The Society for Biomaterials annual meeting is the core hub for excellence in biomaterials, bringing together an international community of academic researchers, industry scientists, clinicians, regulatory professionals and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and to learn recent developments in basic and applied biomaterials research.