Children for Children logoOn June 6 2015, the local scouts from Helmond (NL) celebrated their 70 years jubilee with an afternoon full of fun and games. Xeltis helped organizing a charity event called “Children for Children” together with the scouts that took place during their celebration. Xeltis supported the scouts to help other children by raising and donating money to the Heartbeats Foundation, an institution that is engaged in organizing events for children with heart diseases and their families. The amount raised will allow the Heartbeats Foundation to organize their yearly HeartRace circuit day on August 19, during which children and their families can experience race cars, circuits and many more fun activities. With the “Children for Children” event, Xeltis wants to encourage children to live healthy lifestyles by playing and having fun outdoors, and promotes awareness of the importance of having a fully functional heart.

Watch the full movie of the charity event which contains many fun snapshots of this very unique day!

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