Xeltis is among seven European companies selected to join the prestigious research network ArtMoMa. The program aims to reach new heights in the emerging field of artificial molecular machines, including supramolecular technology.

ArtMoMa is built on synergies and complementarities between leading scientists, including four Nobel Prize Laureates: Professors Jean-Marie Lehn – a member of Xeltis scientific advisory board and a pioneer in supramolecular chemistry, the science at the basis of ETR and Xeltis’ living implants – Ben Feringa, Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Fraser Stoddart.

“Xeltis’ selection for ArtMoMa is an exciting opportunity to join forces with leading scientists and institutions to advance research in supramolecular chemistry,” explained Xeltis CTO and Co-founder Martijn Cox,” and testament to the competitive contribution by our research team.”

ArtMoMa includes world-class institutions and companies – ranging from start-ups to SMEs to global players from all over Europe. It is an innovative research network financed for four years by the H2020 program of the European Commission. For more information: https://artmoma-h2020.eu/partners/