A world-class institute for innovation in regenerative medicine, called RegMed XB, has been set up across The Netherlands, bringing together health funds, scientists, entrepreneurs and doctors, with Clemens van Blitterswijk, Xeltis board member, holding a pivotal role in its creation.

Xeltis co-founder and CTO, Martijn Cox presented Xeltis at RegMed XB launch, as an example of what the future of regenerative medicine may look like. Martijn remarked: “Funding for and access to fundamental knowledge and innovation is imperative for the future of healthcare. RegMed XB represents an important step into the future of innovation, built on collaboration and knowledge-sharing, which aligns with Xeltis’ philosophy and future plans.”

For Dutch/Swiss based Xeltis, the institute may play an important role for scientific cooperation in the company’s future projects, particularly as RegMed XB’s scope is planned to expand to cardiovascular applications.

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