Deputies of the Dutch Province of Noord-Brabant visited Xeltis on Wednesday as part of their efforts to support companies and institutions in the region at the forefront of technological innovation. How the province of Brabant can offer growth capital for every developmental phase of a business was one of the key discussion points.

“Operating in Eindhoven provides a key advantage as we can benefit from resources and expertise from companies in the region,” remarked Martijn Cox. Xeltis is based in the capital city of the Brainport region, one of Europe’s leading technology areas. Brainport is regarded worldwide as a center for high-tech innovation and is in the province of Noord-Brabant.

Martijn Cox, Xeltis CTO and co-founder presented recent developments on Xeltis’ technology platform RestoreX. TU/e Rector Magnificus, Professor Frank Baaijens, then illustrated the developments and ambitions of the Regmed XB institute, of which Xeltis is a member.

“We are proud to feature as some of the key examples of technological innovation within a very innovative region”, stated Martijn. “Close cooperation among private, public sector and academic research is key to move technology forward effectively.”