Xeltis bio-restorative pulmonary heart valves and their clinical outcomes will feature at the upcoming Pediatric Device Innovators Forum organized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in conjunction with five U.S. pediatric device consortia on 11 March.

“I am looking forward to discussing the potential and the challenges of applying biomaterials to pediatric heart valve devices,” commented , Xeltis CTO and Co-Founder. “The very promising outcomes of Xeltis’ restorative technology in clinical settings are a revolutionary development in the field to bring significant benefits to pediatric patients,” he concluded.

The Pediatric Device Innovators Forum is a recurring collaborative educational experience hosted by the FDA-supported pediatric device consortia and designed to connect and foster synergy among innovators across the technology development ecosystem interested in pediatric medical device development.

To register, please visit www.pdiforum.org