A cardiovascular strategy to best leverage the potential of its RestoreX™ technology platform has been shared by Xeltis CEO Eliane Schutte at Biocapital Europe meeting in Amsterdam today.

The company is moving forward with its heart valve research and development program, following the initial results from the early feasibility studies conducted in Europe, in Asia and in the USA. In addition, its R&D will simultaneously bring forward additional cardiovascular applications, which have started to yield positive outcomes in pre-clinical phase.

“The complexity of heart valve devices requires time for robust research outcomes, time that we are willing to invest,” explained Schutte. She added: “Grafts have a comparably less complex structure, have been in trials for years in patients and we are now looking at their vascular applications.”

“Xeltis’ strategy is a great example of how moving multi-product research plans forward in parallel helps bringing technology platforms to market,” confirmed Professor Clemens van Blitterswijk, LSP partner and Xeltis Chairman of the Board.

Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company pioneering a restorative approach in heart valve and vascular treatment. Xeltis’ technology is leveraging breakthrough science to enable natural heart valve and blood vessel restoration.

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