For children who need right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) reconstruction, existing pulmonary heart valve implants are invaluable lifesavers but not a definitive solution.

A webinar by Professor Gerardus Bennink of the University of Cologne (D), hosted by U.S. patient group Mended Little Hearts outlines current and upcoming treatments for heart valve patients. Professor Bennink shows how patients may be spared repeated interventions in the future, thanks to groundbreaking technologies under development that may overcome limitations of current options.

“A number of clinicians including myself are confident in the potential of the technology in heart valve replacement. I like to think that we are getting closer to a positive solution,” Professor Bennink stated.

Xeltis’ valves, which use the latest generation of synthetic bioabsorbable polymers based on Nobel Prize awarded science, are undergoing clinical trials in Europe and Asia, with a further study in the U.S. currently enrolling eligible patients.

“Families of children with congenital heart disease are eager to learn about ongoing research and upcoming technology that may provide longer-lasting, life-changing solutions for their children’s conditions in the future,” commented Jodi Lemacks, National Program Director at Mended Little Hearts.

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