For an overview on current and upcoming options in heart valve therapy, watch the webinar with Professor Gerardus Bennink from University of Cologne (D) and US patient group Mended Little Hearts.

For children who need right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) reconstruction, existing pulmonary heart valve implants are invaluable life-savers but not a definitive solution. Are the latest technologies going to improve their future options?

“A future without re-operations?

New horizons in pulmonary heart valve therapy”

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Professor Bennink — who is Chief and Head of pediatric cardio-thoracic congenital surgery at the University of Cologne Heart Center — provides insights on current and upcoming treatment solutions currently in U.S. trials, including Xeltis restorative pulmonary valve.

Mended Little Hearts is a U.S. national network supporting families with children who live with congenital heart disease.