Professor Thierry Carrel, University Hospital Bern (CH), will introduce Xeltis’ restorative heart valve technology to the American College of Cardiology (ACC) annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. ACC is one of the leading cardiology meetings in the United States.

In his presentation, ‘Restorative Heart Valves No Longer Just Conceptual’, Professor Carrel will provide an outline of the progress of Xeltis’ restorative heart valve technology in preclinical and clinical trials. The presentation is scheduled at 11.30am ET on 12 March in room 307 C.

Professor Carrel is the principal investigator of the Xplore-1 clinical trial on Xeltis’ restorative pulmonary heart valve. A second early feasibility trial on the same heart valve, Xplore-2, is currently under way in several pediatric cardiac centers in the United States.

Xeltis’ bioabsorbable pulmonary heart valves enable the patient’s body to form a new valve with own tissue, potentially reducing the risk of complications leading to further interventions.