Biomaterials has published results from 12-month preclinical research on a bioabsorbable pulmonary valve, to which Xeltis’ research team contributed. The study demonstrated proof of concept of the transformation of an implanted bioabsorbable polymer valve into a valve formed by tissue of the implanted subject within its heart. According to the study, the valve showed good long-term function and the novel tissue formed as a result of ETR showed unprecedented maturity and stability.

“Scientific cooperation is crucial for innovation and progression. Xeltis’ involvement in this collaborative research came from our commitment to remain at the forefront of ETR research,” remarked Martijn Cox, Xeltis CTO and one of the iValve team members. “These results supported the development of our RestoreX technology and play an important role for the future of heart valve replacement.”

Xeltis, alongside the Eindhoven University of Technology and other contributors, formed the iValve team, which undertook this research. The project is part of a larger research program led by the Dutch BioMedical Materials institute and supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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