A Xeltis team joined children with congenital heart conditions and their families for a playful day focused on activities and sport organized by Dutch patient association Harteraad (previously De Hart&Vaatgroep) on Sunday April 15 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

While games entertained children aged 10-18, experts were on hand to talk with their families about safe and suitable sports for children with congenital heart disease.

Harteraad is a Dutch organization promoting the interests of patients affected by cardiovascular disease. “Most children with congenital heart disease can conduct an active life”, explained Harry van der Zaag, department head from Harteraad. “It is important to understand what the correct boundaries should be, to let them be as free as they can.”

“It was great fun to be directly involved with the children, their parents and family members and very inspiring to learn more about the queries and dilemmas their families face daily,” said Luc Verhees, Xeltis VP for Clinical Affairs, who attended the event with the team. “It makes Xeltis’ mission really tangible and working to improve their lives very motivating,” he added.

Xeltis’ novel restorative pulmonary heart valve is currently undergoing clinical trials in children and young adults in Europe, Asia and the USA. The Xplore-2 trial is currently recruiting patients in several U.S. pediatric heart centers.

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