Martijn Cox in Xeltis' R&D facilities ©Bram SaeysFinancieele Dagblad, the largest Dutch business newspaper, published an article today about Xeltis’ Series B funding from December 2014 and what the investment means for the company’s future development. For this reason, the reporter in charge interviewed Laurent Grandidier, our CEO, Martijn Cox, our CTO, and Carlijn Bouten, professor at TU/e. Besides of Xeltis’ financial and company-related milestones, the article mentions the origins of Xeltis’ technology. Carlijn Bouten says: “At first no one believed it was possible. But meanwhile, it seems possible that the body allows to repair itself with a new heart valve.” This enormous technological achievement portrays the positive relationship between TU/e and Xeltis and the advantages of working in a multinational environment.

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