For first-hand experience with Xeltis restorative hemodialysis vascular access device aXess, there is a very insightful article by Doctor Jan De Letter in the latest issue of AZ Link magazine. Dr De Letter is a vascular surgeon at AZ Sint-Jan hospital, in Bruges (B) and one of the implanters in the aXess clinical trial.

According to Dr De Letter’s article “the first results are very promising. The prosthesis grows in well and can indeed be inserted quickly and easily. There are no problems of infection or clot formation.”

“If this prosthesis lives up to its high expectations, it will completely displace the classic PTFE loops. Because the access can be used quickly and has a safe profile with regard to infections and the need for re-interventions,” Dr De Letter wrote.

For the English translation of the AZLink article, please click here.