Living Cardiovascular Replacements

Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company with the most advanced polymer-based restorative devices for cardiovascular treatment.

Xeltis’ devices naturally evolve into living blood vessels or heart valves, when colonized by patient’s own tissue.

25+ patients implanted





Proof-of-concept (pulmonary conduit/patch)10 pediatric patients5-year follow-up completedFirst clinical demonstration of excellent safety and feasibility of ETR.
Pulmonary valve18 pediatric patientsOver 60 patient/yearsPromising early clinical outcomes with 94 percent of patients reintervention-free at 1 year.
Aortic ValvePreclinical trials completedFeasibility phase completedPreclinical trials demonstrate potential of ETR technology for aortic valve application.
CABGPreclinical trials completed

In clinical phase

Unparalleled preclinical results on synthetic graft patency and potential mid-graft endothelialization.
HemodialysisPreclinical trials completed

In clinical phase

Long-term preclinical results show mid-graft endothelialization and superior patency vs commercially available control.

A team of global experts

Xeltis comprises a dynamic, global team of exceptional executives, engineers and technicians, supported by world renown advisors.

Long-standing investors

Xeltis’ investors include institutional venture capital funds Kurma Partners, LSP, VI Partners and Ysios Capital and a number of large private investors.

Rooted in research

Resulting from the merger of two Swiss/Dutch university spin-offs, today Xeltis has operations in Eindhoven, an international hub for biomedical engineering and regenerative medicine.

Xeltis has been recognized as a breakthrough medtech start-up

The Xeltis technology platform comprises investigational heart valve and blood vessel devices that are not available for sale.